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Welcome to our Woolly World.

Shear Nature works closely with The Woolshed Project, Spinning Earth Wool and the Wye Community Farm in Kent.
With the help of these incredible organisations, we have created a superb range of high quality ethical products.


The Wye Community Farm

We have 4 types of rare breed sheep on the Farm Dorset horn, Manx Laughton, Portland and Wensleydale.

By keeping rare breeds we aim to connect our local community to the landscape and teach an awareness of their diverse advantages.

By promoting the quality and character of their wool we seek to increase their popularity, creating a market for their unique qualities and thus safe guarding the genetic diversity of our wonderful fibre producing animals.

By doing this we aim to do our bit to keep the availability of good quality fibres as we move away from plastic based textiles.


The Woolshed

Our fleece is cleaned and processed without the use of any harmful chemicals by the hardworking folk at The Woolshed.

The Woolshed also aims to support other local smallholders and farmers with rare breeds in and around Kent. This helps them to bring in extra income streams by adding value to their fleece.

Once air dried and carded Spinning Earth Wool hand work their magic, transforming the fleece in to one of our unique products. We always endeavour to use materials such as unbleached cotton to keep our range as natural as we possibly can.


The many benefits of natural wool

The beauty of natural wool is the many benefits it has to offer.  Most known for how it can regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in Winter and cool in Summer. 

Did you know?

Wool not only regulates your body can even keep two people of differing temperatures comfortable in the same bed!

Shear Nature Wool Filled Pillows

Our beautifully luxurious pillows are cased in a 100% quilted pillow protector with a zipped opening. Inside you will find an unbleached Cotton Insert, filled with 700, 800 or 900 grams of pure wool. The zipped covers makes the them fully adjustable, enabling you to remove wool (if desired) to create your perfect pillow). Wool is Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant which makes our products perfect for Asthmatics and Sufferers of Allergies. Wool is also temperature controlling, keeping your head cool, dry and comfortable.

Being naturally bacteria and odour resistant your pillow will always stay fresh and clean but if you did ever want to wash it, we recommend you either hand wash and air dry or remove the wool contents and machine wash the cover.

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