Shear Nature

Pure Wool Filled Pillow, (British Wool) 3 sizes Soft, Medium, Firm


Pure Wool Pillows


Pure Wool Filled Pillow, Available in 3 weights, Soft/Med/Firm

Our Pure Wool Filled Pillows come in a quilted cotton containing a Cotton pillow insert filled with 700 grams of pure British wool Soft, 800g Medium, 900g Firm
(Soft pillow is if you prefer a softer flatter pillow)

The zipped covers makes them fully adjustable, enabling you to remove wool (if desired) to create your perfect pillow.

Wool is Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant which makes our products perfect for Asthmatics and Sufferers of Allergies

Wool is also temperature controlling, keeping your head cool, dry and comfortable. Great for people who suffer from night sweats or a hot head and neck in bed

Being naturally bacteria and odour resistant your pillow should always stay fresh and clean but if you ever need to want to wash it, we recommend you either hand wash and air dry or remove the wool and machine wash the outer covers

Shear Nature Pillows are sustainable, renewable and handmade from 100% British Wool (supporting local farmers)

50cm x 75xm – 19in x 29in (aprox) standard size


Soft 700g, Medium 800g, Firm 900g, Extra Quilted Cover